Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Block 4

Block 4 of my Christmas Fun is now finished.  This block too SO long to do, probably because of the detail of the vine and mine is quite full.  I only wish now that I did the applique of the angels BEFORE I did the vine as the halo's disappear a little in the vine.  I am not going to do it again lol.....

Loving how it is coming together!

For the ladies asking about this pattern, you will find some HERE.  Be quick as I know Lynette doesnt have many left!

I hope you all are traveling well!


Helen said...

Well done Sarah, I'm just about to start that block.


Helen said...

I don't like to be pickie or anything and maybe you did it on purpose but I keep looking at your angel block thinking there is something wrong and then it hit me today that the patchowork should be on the bottom of the angels.

I sorry