Friday, February 10, 2012

Block 1 stitching done

Hi Girls! I still have not sewn this stitchery into a block yet.... better get cracking!
Once you complete a block, can you please post here as well as your blog so that we can add it to your name on the sidebar. Hopefully we can all have this little project done in time for Christmas 2012. Have fun!


Christine said...

How cute. Today I am going to find my patterns and start thinking about fabrics. One small step but in the right direction!

Maria said...

Looking good Sarah. Now we do need to get a move on.thanks!!

Helen said...

Thank you Sarah, this is just great and its so nice and Christmassy.... lol... I know not really a word but I like it.


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Oh wow, I bought this pattern with the buttons only 2 weeks ago .... can I join in as this might just be the motivation I need to get it done :o)